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​Troy Hartman | Aerial Stuntman

Troy Hartman is credited with undisputedly the largest variety of grand scale aerial stunts performed by any stuntman. He started his career in the early 90’s as a pioneer of the sport of Skysurfing, earning an X-Games World Champion title along the way. This opened the door to Hollywood stunt work, and at the turn of the century Troy found himself hosting the hit MTV show “Senseless Acts of Video.” Here he performed over 40 stunts, most of which had never been done before. With his aerial achievements etched in history, you have no doubt seen or heard of Troy’s work.

  • First ever plane-to-plane skydive
  • Only person in history to skydive from an exploding aircraft
  • First ever parachute on fire stunt
  • Triple gainer bridge BASE jump through the steel structure
  • Only person in history to freefall inside a fully enclosed vehicle
  • Piloted a stunt plane through the narrowest section of the Grand Canyon, 1800 feet below the rim
  • First and only BASE jump through a high-rise window (37th floor)
  • First and only parachute landing on a moving train
  • First to skysurf from over 33,000 feet
  • Only pilot in history to fly a Cessna in a sustained vertical freefall
  • Motorcycle to airplane transfer
  • “Negative-G Ejection” from an L39 jet
  • First to wakeboard behind a helicopter, from water to 3000 feet
  • Cluster balloon flight to 13,000 feet
  • Flew a stunt plane beneath a jumping quad
  • Rode a bomb out of the release bay of a B-29
  • First person to skydive with skis, land on a mountain slope, and continue skiing after cutaway
  • World Record 3000 foot bungee jump from a hot air balloon
  • Only person to ride a tumbling grand piano in freefall
  • X-Games Skysurfing World Champion
  • The face of Pepsi “Goose”, the only skydiving commercial ever to win the Super Bowl Ad Contest
  • Invented the “Henhouse Surprise”, the most memorable skysurfing move in history
  • First BASE jump from a moving semi truck off a bridge
  • Inventor of the personal jetpack used for skiing and speed wing flight
  • Perfect safety record

Currently Troy is continuing development of his personal jetpack and skydiving jet wing. He is available for aerial stunt work, stunt coordinating, and consulting. Troy works with only the best in the business, and has his own team consisting of an aerial director of cinematography, aerial cameraman, helicopter pilots, jump plane pilots, professional skydivers and certified riggers. He looks forward to the next challenge…

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