The KL Tower

     950 feet.  Air-conditioned elevator ride to the top in less than one minute. 9 full seconds to impact. It warms my heart just thinking about it.

     I was fortunate enough to be invited out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for two days of legal leaping from this vertically aligned mass of concrete. The number of jumps I could do was based entirely on how fast I could repack my parachute. Needless to say, I packed frantically and sloppy. But with about 7 seconds of possible freefall time (which is a lot!) and a launch point jutting out 50 feet from the main structure, you can pretty much be a tumbling idiot and survive this jump. And a tumbling idiot I was. I tried things I wouldn't even think about on other BASE jumps. I haven't even bothered tracking down the footage that other jumpers shot of me. It is too embarrassing. But making an ass out of myself seems to be one of my most honed skills. This BASE object doesn't rate high on the crazy scale. What was crazy was the fact that I endured 40 hours total travel time in coach to go to the opposite side of the Earth for a weekend.