Little Cloud Spiruline EZ

We are very excited to announce that the Little Cloud Spiruline EZ is now shipping. This wing is a significantly improved update to the very popular original Spiruline, with smaller sizes added to the lineup. Little Cloud went the distance with over a year of testing multiple prototypes. A variety of concepts were explored without any fixed ideas getting in the way of maximum design ingenuity. The Spiruline EZ is the result of the pure love of wing engineering by the Little Cloud team.

The new Spiruline has noticeably improved inflation and glide ratio. These characteristics were attained through careful integration of new technology to the leading edge, including Nylon stiffeners that optimize both weight and volume. Other improvements include a single riser that allows the pilot to lock the trimmers off and easily adjust while holding the controls, and the new "SLC" system that strengthens the contact between wing and pilot allowing easy launches without needing to unfold the entire wing. The Spiruline III is finely tuned for a firmer and more compact feel, extremely precise control, and maximum glide at the hands up position for more comfort when soaring.

There are many smaller refinements to the Spiruline that would be of interest to the tech gurus. But you are a pilot and simply want to launch easily and enjoy snappy flight characteristics for extended periods of time. We can tell you with confidence that you won't be disappointed in this amazing new wing!

Our Price: $2250