"Senseless Acts of Video" was a hit MTV show that was truly ahead of its time. When the first episode aired in 1999, viewers were stunned, and critics were quick to speculate that there was no way we could continue producing the high caliber action of this first episode. I wasn't sure of it myself either, but somehow we did. Week after week, a new episode premiered, showcasing 4 more incredible never-seen-before stunts. By 2001, the 21st episode was viewed by millions of "Senseless" fans, and we were well on our way to another season. But after personally performing 42 stunts, many of them truly death-defying, I was tired. I decided it was time to throw in the towel, and not risk seriously hurting or killing myself. We had a great run, with hours of amazing video to show for it. Below are links to 36 of the stunts I performed, with detailed explanations of what went into each stunt.