Ozone Atak Harness

The Ozone Atak II is the most popular speed flying harness in the world, for good reason. It was designed from the ground up by pro pilots for the specific demands of those that want to maximize their speed riding and speed flying performance. Pro skiers had their design requests met with the Ozone Atak as well; the easy transition from skiing to flying positions is made possible by the smart configuration of this harness.

Stable, strong and compact, the Ozone Atak has a wide adjustment range, from a very upright position for skiing, to the traditional reclined speed flying configuration. Other harnesses boast gimmicky bells and whistles, but miss the most important point of body and leg position needed to most effectively move from upright to comfortably reclined flying positions.

Fast and easy transition from foot launch stance to the seated flying position is not only a comfort feature of the Atak, but also key to safe launch technique. The shoulder straps incorporate anti-friction rings specifically designed to maximize the ease of this maneuver during this critical phase of flight. You will quickly be completely in the harness, not hanging out of it and diverting your attention away from flying while struggling to wiggle into the seat.

  • Comes standard with carabiners
  • Split legs for launching, touch-and-gos, and landings
  • New "old school" buckles insure safety at higher speeds and forces
  • A good pocket for collapsible ski poles
  • Stylish modern look
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs

The Ozone Atak II harness is a perfect match for Ozone's new FireFly and Fazer speed wings.

Our Price: $350 (Contact us for current promotions)  

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