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Ozone Fazer

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Ozone Fazer 3

Ozone is known for taking their time in bringing new wing designs to market, and they have made no exception with the Fazer 3. Their goal with this new wing is to satisfy the most demanding pilots with an excellent combination of precision, speed, and performance. A very wide glide range, adjustable through both brake input and trim, will allow you to dive steep to contour the terrain with ease, and then quickly flatten out for a great glide ratio. The 3-riser design of the Ozone Fazer 3 has a very smooth trim adjustment system.

Other achievements in the Fazer 3 are rock-solid stability and compact feel. This translates into absolutely zero “accordion” or “wobble”, allowing pilots a new level of confidence when flying tight, technical lines. Other highlights include long brake travel and good slow speed flight, as well as a swoop and recovery arc that will ensure that the landing phase is as exciting as the rest of the flight.


Our Price: $1895 (Fazer 3 + Atak II Harness – $2195)


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