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Ozone Firefly

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Ozone Firefly 3

We are very excited to announce that the Ozone Firefly 3 is now shipping. A direct evolution of the Firefly 2, this wing is improved in several key areas, while still retaining excellent stability and user-friendliness. The first and most noticeable improvement is in its no-wind launch characteristics. Pilots will love the ease of launching the Firefly 3 with its smoother and more progressive inflations, and no tendency to overshoot in high winds. The core philosophy of the Firefly 3 remains the same: performance that will match many “mini-wings”, but stability that resembles lower aspect ratio speed-wings. All areas of flight are improved with this new wing through the use of a lighter and more efficient leading edge, as well as fine-tuned tab positioning. The riser system has been improved by going to a narrower (lighter, easier to handle, more aerodynamic) webbing, and increasing the A/B split for better ground-handling control and authority.

The Firefly 3’s profile is still inspired by the Ozone Performance project, but we have made it slightly thicker than the original Firefly, for even better chord-wise stability and comfort across a wider speed range. This advanced profile has proven to be ideal for high pitch stability and excellent performance, and the low aspect ratio and thick chord adds protection for passive safety and stability. The Firefly 3 remains an excellent choice for pilots who want to experience the thrill of mini-wing piloting without the sacrifice in stability that is inherent in higher aspect ratio designs which are common in the mini-wing category.


Our Price: $2250 (FireFly + Atak II Harness – $2550)


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