Ozone Paragliders

We carry and fly the entire range of Ozone Paragliders, whether for soaring, powered paragliding or tandem flights. Ozone is the undisputed market leader in developing cutting edge technology for paragliders and speedwings. Pilots all over the world depend on their Ozone wings to provide top class performance, long lasting durability, and smart ergonomics for ease of use.

Below is the entire range of Ozone Paragliders, from entry level to Open Class competition. Also included are wings specifically designed for speed flying, powered paragliding and tandem flight. We are always running some sort of promotion on gear, so be sure to contact us regarding any specific wing that you are interested in.

The Mojo 4’s central purpose is to provide the passive safety that pilots may rely on for their first stages of cross country flying. This new wing is balanced and safe enough for new graduates, but features the agility and performance needed for long XC flights in real conditions. Regular price - $3,300.00

Finding the ideal balance between sail weight, aspect ratio, and profile is the crucial quest for any wing, but in the 1-2 / B category this must occur with all of the factors aligned equally. The Z3 is the perfect balance between safety and performance for many pilots. Talented beginners will find a wing with which they can progress for several years, and higher airtime pilots will experience the full usability of the Z3 in real XC conditions. Regular price - $3,800.00

The original Geo redefined its class of lightweight wings. Pilots who want a lightweight wing that fits into the middle of the EN B Category yet still has an acceptable amount of performance and durability for everyday flying have found a friend in the Geo and Geo II. The new Geo III is now an evolution of its predecessors, but with even greater comfort and ease of use. Regular price - $3,800.00

The Rush 3 represents the next generation of high performance sport-intermediate class XC wings. In the continual pursuit of True Performance, our mission with the Rush 3 was to absolutely maximize glide ratio and sink rate performance within the EN B class. We have achieved this by focusing on efficiency without sacrificing ease of use, safety, or fun. Regular price - $3,900.00

The original Swift not only set a new standard for a class of wings, it also created a new class of paraglider. Lightweight, agile, with top of class performance and a lively but balanced feel in the air, the Swift series has provided proof of concept for lightweight performance wings and has inspired our developments not only for the Swift 2 but also for the new Alpina and LM4 wings. Regular price - $4,000.00

Sport Class pilots who are looking for maximum performance in the C class with no compromise in passive safety or agility will feel at home on the Delta. The Delta’s outstanding stability and collapse resistance at speed makes it perhaps our best example of ‘True Performance’. Overall, the Delta’s accessibility, high performance, and stability in accelerated flight make it the perfect machine for serious XC flying, in real conditions. Regular price - $4,200.00

Pilots who are already very comfortable flying wings in the EN C class will feel at home on the Alpina. With lighter construction than the Delta, the Alpina has a more crisp and direct feel with a slightly more agile turn. Overall, it could be considered a step up from the Delta in terms of performance and handling, and pilots who would typically fly in the EN B class should in most cases consider the Swift or Geo for their lightweight needs. Regular price - $4,300.00

Competition Wing Performance, Certified. Ozone has risen to the top of the international competition scene with the BBHPP and the R10 competition wings, which have featured revolutionary steps in sail design and profile efficiency. Now, the M5 is available to pilots who want competition wing performance from their serial class wing. Regular price - $4,400.00

The LM4 is a lightweight high performance paraglider designed for expert pilots who are on the cutting edge of vol-bivoauc flight. The LM4 is based on the Mantra M4, reconstructed with the modern lightweight techniques. The LM4 is constructed with materials that have proven viable over many years of testing and we are happy with the flight characteristics which are similar to the certified version of the M4; the LM4 has full EN D certification. Regular price - $4,600.00

The EnZo represents a new class of paraglider. It is an open class competition wing with EN D certification. This wing has the flight characteristics, behaviour, safety and performance normally associated with the open class, and although EN certified it can still only be safely flown by skilled “Open Class” pilots. It is designed for racing and made to fit the requirements of the top level pilots who were flying open class wings before the 2012 season. Regular price - $4,600.00

The Ultralite has been the world’s lightest certified paraglider since 2006, and the new UL3 is once again breaking records thanks to an even more highly refined design. When optimizing a light wing, every gram counts, and after intensive trimming of the already low-fat design, the UL3 comes in at almost 300g less than its predecessor and other wings in its class, making it unmatched in terms of weight and packability. Regular price - $3,100.00

The XXLite is one of the most unique paragliders to ever be put into production. This modern single-surface design is the absolute ultimate in ultra-lightweight flight and is probably the lightest aircraft in existence. The Ozone R&D Team contains several members who are avid alpinists and hike & fly pilots, and this wing is the result of our passion for innovation and adventure. It is a special wing for special pilots who have the skill and experience to pilot it. Regular price - $3,100.00