Ozone Rush 3

The Ozone Rush 3 leads the pack in the new generation of high performance sport-intermediate class XC wings. In the spirit of Ozone's continual pursuit of True Performance, the goal in the development of the Rush 3 was to absolutely maximize L/D performance in the EN B class. This was achieved through significant gains in efficiency with no sacrifice in safety, ease of use, or fun.

With its precision balanced combination of speed range, dynamic handling and passive safety, the Ozone Rush 3 is suitable for a range of pilots from recreational flyers to experienced XC enthusiasts. The Rush 3 is much more than just a replacement for the Rush 2; it has incorporated the proven engineering refinements of Ozone's performance wings such as the Delta and Mantra M4. The performance of the R3 over its predecessor is significant, and its in-flight feel greatly refined.

Revolutionary new R10 and Delta sail construction methods have been utilized with the Rush 3. The leading edge has been solidified with optimized tab positioning and reinforcements, leading to a more collapse resistant structure. With this higher stability, pilots can push harder in turbulent air at all angles of attack. This new technology has proven effective in extreme adventure flying with the Delta, and in top levels of international competition with the Mantra R10. Parasitic drag has been reduced significantly through the use of new line materials, an optimized line plan and mini-ribs at the trailing edge. This combination of drag reduction, agile handling and passive safety has put the Rush 3 at the top of its class.

On the ground, the Rush 3 is straightforward and simple, rising smoothly without a tendency to over-fly the pilot. In the air, it manages turbulence efficiently and effectively, with a compact feel of rigidity and minimal sail movement in active conditions. When entering rising air, the Rush 3 has the tendency to push forward and stay overhead with minimal rearward pitch movement. It is very efficient in the climb with an improved sink rate, which is the result of an ideal yaw-roll balance, which maintains a higher angle of attack in the turn.

The Ozone Rush 3 demonstrates impressive performance while still maintaining a moderate Aspect Ratio of 5.5. The significant improvements in speed performance and glide have come from "free" gains in profile efficiency and line drag, without sacrificing passive safety or comfortable feel in the air. The user-friendly nature and classic Ozone handling of the Rush 3 will satisfy even the most demanding pilots.

The Ozone Development Team members have put their combined expertise and passion into engineering this new EN B class XC machine. This great effort has resulted in a wing with levels of performance and safety only dreamed of just a few years ago.

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