Ozone XXLite

One of the most unique paragliders to come to market, the Ozone XXLite revolutionizes the single-surface wing concept. This modern design has been carefully engineered toward the goal of being the absolute ultimate in ultra-lightweight flight. Very likely, the Ozone XXLite is the lightest aircraft in existence. This wing is the result of the passion of several of the Ozone R&D Team members who are avid alpinists and hike & fly pilots. The Ozone XXLite is a special wing for special pilots who have the skill and experience to pilot it.

The XXLite is more than 80% lighter than a conventional paraglider of the same size (the 19m weighs just 3 lbs and packs into a waist-bag). With the entire canopy open to the relative airflow, approximately 11 lbs of air is eliminated from inside the wing cells. This translates into the pilot experiencing far more of the energy in the air than ever before, as the wing carries so much less inertia as it travels through variations in the air mass. It is important that pilots who choose to fly the XXLite are vigilant of this heightened sensitivity, and are capable of appreciating the extra feedback the wing will provide.

"Unfiltered" is a good description of the feeling of the XXLite in flight. Pilots without the necessary experience may find this to be disconcerting. It is important to realize that this movement and feedback of the wing are a natural result of physics. Without the mass of a volume of air typically inside a ram air wing, the airfoil is much more affected by every movement it encounters in the atmosphere. However, this does not make the XXLite inherently unstable, as its lack of inertia results in far less of a tendency to overshoot. This is a very positive characteristic in turbulence.

The Ozone XXLite glide performance is comparable to an Ultralite of the same size, but with a significantly slower trim speed and lack of an accelerator system. It is important that pilots take into account this slower trim speed when choosing conditions to fly in. Naturally, the XXLite will spend more time in turbulent air or a headwind, and glide will be proportionately affected.

This wing will appeal most to pilots who enjoy the extra sensations of "unprotected sex flight". The Ozone XXLite is capable of great things in the hands of the right pilots. If you think this wing is right for you, we hope you get as much out of flying this exciting new design as the Ozone Test Team has.

The Ozone XXLite comes in sizes 16m and 19m.

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