Speed Flying Lessons

If you are looking to quickly learn the awesome new sport of speed flying, Speedfly California is the place to be! We fly every single day, and have the good fortune of being located on the perfect mountain: 2200' with 14 launch points all the way up the steep 2:1 terrain. Combined with Southern California's consistently beautiful weather, it's no wonder Speedfly California is the largest speed flying school in the World. We fly every single day and it's common for pilots to accumulate 20-30 flights and 10,000-20,000' of vertical descent in half a week. Soaring flights of 2-3 hours are the norm here as well.

This ability to crank out the flights and air time draws brand new students as well as experienced pilots from every corner of the globe. What could take weeks or months in other locations can be accomplished in short order at Speedfly California. We practice all disciplines - proximity flying, speed soaring, paragliding, hang gliding, powered paragliding and even jet powered speed flying (seriously).

It's a long standing myth that you need to have a background in skydiving or paragliding to start taking speed flying lessons. Actually, many speed flying schools still subscribe to this mindset. We want this wonderful sport to be accessible and affordable to everybody, and have built our speed flying training program from the ground up with the brand new pilot in mind. Students who have never even seen a ram-air wing before will be safely flying on their first day, and performing intermediate level skills within a week. Our unique approach and innovative curriculum have created more brand new speed flying pilots than any other school in the World. You should be one of them!

Flying is at the very core of our souls, and our local crew of pilots are also BASE jumpers, skydivers, wingsuit pilots, helicopter pilots and aerial stuntmen. With multiple dropzones and BASE sites nearby, you can mix it up during your time here. We've got Hollywood and Disneyland too!

Hope to see you soon - The Speedfly California Team