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Swing Spitfire

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Swing Spitfire 2

Note: The Swing Spitfire 2 is designed specifically for use on skis. If you intend to foot launch, a more appropriate wing choice would be the Ozone Fazer 2.

The Swing Spitfire 2 is a complete redesign from the original Spitfire. This wing is aimed squarely at speed riding pilots. Shortened lines and extended trim travel are two of the most significant design changes, providing direct and uncomprimising handling on snow-covered slopes. Other new features of the Spitfire 2:

  • Straightforward inflation behavior optimized for ski launching
  • Lightweight construction that allows the wing to follow without hesitation in tight ski turns
  • Reduced tendency to be sluggish when riding slowly in deep snow
  • New waterproof fabric designed to handle the wet skiing environment
  • Good energy conversion for slow speeds that can be encountered in deep snow

If you intend to fly solely with skis, then the Spitfire 2 offers unmatched performance in this environment. It is available in sizes 8.5, 9.5, 11, 13 and 15.


Our Price: $1695



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